2013-03-09_0001Great love stories are hard to come by but when you do, they are often hard to forget. The love that formed between Charisse and Cortez was unexpected but also, undeniable. It seemed that fate toyed with these two before she decided to intervene and put these two individuals together. When it finally happened, the roots of their love dug deep and blossomed quickly, continuing to grow to this day. To not tell you how they met, would be a disservice because it’s the kind of story that a girl can only dream about.

It was just another day at work for Cortez, who was sitting in his office minding his own. You know those moments, where you’re brain wanders off and your just staring in a certain direction (well, those are the kind of moments when things happen). Cortez, who was in that same kind of state, was looking at the door from his office when a woman walked past. Not just any woman, the most beautiful woman that he had ever laid eyes on. As it turns out, this woman was Charisse and she was in the office as one of their clients. While Cortez couldn’t find the immediate courage to speak with her, as fate would have it, it would not be her last visit to the office. After walking in on a meeting and semi-awkwardly introducing himself (all on purpose, to meet Charisse of course), they slowly became closer as friends. It was one fateful day where Cortez could no longer contain his feelings and told her how he had felt about her and all she could say was, “well, why haven’t you asked?” (cue the “awws”). From that point, they’ve been in love ever since. Read more at their wedding http://www.charisseandcortez.com.

The wedding was a destination wedding, or as they liked to call it their “wedding-cation” at Casa Kimball in the resplendent Dominican Republic. The couple spent five days and nights with 40 of their closest friends and family in order to celebrate the union of two people who were destined to be together.


Charisse and Cortez held their “wedding-cation” at a breath-taking, modern villa with picturesque views, infinity pools, and a luxurious atmosphere.


A room fit for a queen. Charisse chose two looks for her big day: a stunning dress by Reem Acra Narcissus for the ceremony and the shorter, ready-for-dancing dress by Vera Wang for the reception.


As Charisse gets ready, you can just see the happiness and excitement. Her makeup flawless and her accessories perfect – classic teardrop earrings, a Marielle flower by Sara Gabriel for the hair, the embellishment throughout the bodice, and just a touch of lace for the veil.


Still glowing and looking lovely, the radiant Charisse seems ready than ever to marry the man she adores. A dazzling gown and a flowing Faith veil by Sara Gabriel, she looks like a bride. Charisse felt “elegant, glamorous, and timeless,” which are three words that any witness of this occasion would have described her.


The moment exchanged between a father and daughter as he walks her down the aisle is an experience that neither will ever forget but that words will never truly explain.


With barely a cloud in the sky, the scenery’s natural beauty is highlighted with red rose accents. Charisse describes it as “a wedding to remember and a sight to behold.” At the end of the ceremony, Charisse and Cortez (looking dapper in Vera Wang) celebrated the tradition of jumping the broom.


After the ceremony, an intimate reception was held inside the villa with red rose centerpieces on each table. The dance floor was across the way and the crowd was not afraid to move to the music.


The first dance. A moment spent in each other’s eyes… a chance to relax and just be with the one you love. They could not happier.


Vera Wang inspired wedding cake that was absolutely gorgeous.


The couple sparkling together in their new attire, ready to enjoy the night (and the rest of their lives) as husband and wife.

We wish the two of you all the happiness in the world, congratulations!


Photography – Vanessa Knapp of Knapp Photography & Melissa Marte

Ceremony Venue & Reception VenueCasa Kimball

Event Planning – Felicita Garcia of Casa Kimball

Floral Design – Felicita Garcia

Cake –Dilaflor

Makeup – Gyro Makeup