Okay, so who isn’t obsessed with peonies? They may be the worlds most perfect flower!!

Peonies are either herbaceous flowers, or trees. They are among the most dramatic and lovely flowers for gardens. Peonies are mainly associated with Asian gardens, though they are found growing in the wild throughout the entire northern hemisphere. The scent of peonies is very beautiful, and will remain for the entire bloom period.



The peony has a large, full head, strong perfume, and bright color. But despite this outward showiness, the flower acquired the Victorian meaning “bashfulness.” Cultivated in Asia for more than a thousand years and developed further by the French, the peony is available in two main types, the herbaceous and the tree peony (the latter’s flowers do not last as long when cut). A bouquet made solely of peonies can be gorgeous; the flower can also be used to create beautiful centerpieces and arrangements. Grown in single- and double-flower styles, this expensive bloom is seasonally available from late spring to early summer but can be imported in the fall.