Having trouble finding your perfect wedding dress? Are you clueless on which style you even want? Well, Bella Bleu Bridal has you covered with our brand-new “Dress Personality” matchmaker formula. Let’s get started.


You grew up watching Disney and dreaming of becoming Cinderella. You believe in fairytales and in a better future. You are a girly girl and on your wedding day, you want everyone to see you as the princess you truly are. You’ll have red rose petals everywhere and beautiful bouquets in the center of every table. Not to mention you’ll be wearing glass slippers, which you will use to grace your way around your reception hall to greet all your guests.

Fit and flare

You are the embodiment of the character Meg Ryan in the movie You Got Mail. You’re fun-loving, outgoing, and a party girl. Everyone can’t help but fall in love with your sweet and fun personality. Your wedding will be full of loud upbeat music and mostly spent on the dance floor.


You’re Queen Clarisse Renaldi from the Princess Diaries when it comes to your traditional values. Your wedding will have everything that is expected. You’ll have a beautiful veil, roses in your hands and hair done up all in a bun. Everything will look extremely well put together.


You’re Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. One hundred percent a glam girl, but you’re also strong and confident. You know exactly what you want in life and you aren’t afraid to go after it. Your wedding will be picture perfect. Every detail will be well thought out and placed exactly where you envisioned it would to be. Your aisle will turn into your very own red carpet where you will rock that runway.