Summer wedding season is fully underway babes! Brides are busy planning the perfect wedding down to the last detail, and Bella Bleu is here to help make your day run smoothly. Here are our top ten tips and tricks for summer weddings!

1. Don’t forget Mr. and Mrs. umbrellas incase of an unexpected summer sprinkle.

2. Make sure to ask your baker to wrap your cake in fondant to seal in the heat.

3. Provide your guests with hand fans to stay cool during the ceremony.

4. Provide sunscreen to protect from the sun and bug spray to protect from the bites. 

5. Offer refreshing non-alcoholic drinks. 

6. Bring spare boutonnieres for the groom. 

7. Keep the guests, and yourself, hydrated. 

8. Do not take portrait pictures at high noon. 

9. Provide a basket full of bathroom necessities for your guests to freshen up.

10. Serve a lighter, seasonal menu.