Sara + David: Red Carpet to White Aisle

What could be more romantic than going from red carpet to white aisle? Sara and David met in 2012 at a glamorous red carpet event in Hollywood. After six months of dating the couple knew  they wanted to spend the rest... Read More

Winter Wedded Bliss: Tracy + James

We had the pleasure of meeting Tracy a few months ago when she came in looking for accessories for her wedding day. After spending some time with the bride and her friends we just knew that her wedding was one... Read More

And They’re Off to the Altar: Anastasia + Joe

a+jAnastasia and Joe may have not bet on the winning horse at the Kentucky Derby one Saturday in May, but they did win each other. Having their first date... Read More

Windy City Wedding: Diana + Fabian

2014-01-03_002Diana and Fabian not only have a mutual love for each other but for the great city they grew up in... Chicago. The couple incorporated their love of the... Read More

In the Garden of Love: Ashley and Jim

2013-03-19_0012 Although, both Ashley and Jim had been raised in the same area of New York and had attended the same high school (but at different times), they actually met... Read More

A Pair in Paradise: Charisse + Cortez

2013-03-09_0001Great love stories are hard to come by but when you do, they are often hard to forget. The love that formed between Charisse and Cortez was unexpected... Read More

Love Goal: Rhea + Felipe

Once upon a time, Rhea went to Montrose Beach to play a casual game of soccer with a friend. Little did she know that her exceptional footwork would catch the eyes... Read More

Prescription for Love: Ellen + Jon

Ellen and Jon met at work the summer between her graduation from college and beginning of medical school in Denver, Colorado. After just four months of... Read More