If the thought of having cake at your reception makes you cringe, then why are you even contemplating having one? Oh right, it is traditional and the expectation of all your guests. But wouldn’t you rather surprise everyone and have food you actually enjoy, instead of just pleasing your guests? Here are 12 alternatives to wedding cakes that will leave your guests speechless and your stomach satisfied.

1. Doughnut Mountain

Donut Mountain photographed by Studio 29

Photo by Studio 29

2. Cake Bite Paradise  

Cake bite by Cakes Decor

Created by Cakes Decor

3. The Classic Cupcake

5. The Beautiful Brownie

6. Spectacular Sushi 

7. Pie Perfection

Pie Perfection

Photo by Jose Villa

8. Hostess Takeover

Created by Chef Phil Delaplane

9. An Oreo Overload

10. Rice Crispy Crunch

11. Cinnamon Roll Roundup

Cinnamon wedding cake

Created by Tasty Kate

12. A Waffle Wedding Cake