Never did I think in a million years I would become a Bridal Stylist.  Over the past few months my life has taken a turn for the best. How you ask? I am a teacher, better yet a kindergarten teacher. I have taught for the past 16 years. What I realized after taking on this part time job, are the similarities that teaching and selling dresses have with one another. During the school year I begin each day greeting 5 and 6 year olds with good morning hugs and smiles. As a Bridal Stylist I begin each appointment with these young women with that same smile and that same warm greeting. I can feel their excitement and hear through our conversations their dreams and wonder of what their new life will hold for them. For a 5 year old their journey begins with learning how to follow directions, respect each other, to become good listeners and how to take turns. Isn’t this what becoming a bride is about?

For me, I am learning that there is no better feeling knowing that I am the first face they see as they walk through the doors.  I am the first voice they hear that helps them feel safe and treated fairly. My hands are the first touch that allows them to possibly find something that they will want and will remember for the rest of their lives.


In the past month that I have said goodbye to my school children and moved on to hearing many young women say those famous words, “say yes to the dress”. I have observed mothers and grandmothers watch with teary eyes their child/grandchild stand in front of them in their dress looking proud, scared and excited hoping, they to feel that magic.  As we celebrate with champaign toasts, hugs and promises of keeping in touch, sending us pictures of their special day, I watch as they leave and think how my life has come full circle. I feel truly blessed that I have the opportunity to teach and celebrate the most important day of their lives. Would that be teaching kindergarten, helping a bride finding her dress or both?


I say both!

Peace, Joy and Love