Weddings can be pretty stressful, but adding a theme to your wedding can help make it more fun! Lots of people choose themes for their wedding’s with the current trends being fairytale, rustic, urban, and boho. Every theme can be fun especially when you have the perfect dress to match! We have a selection of collections that speak differently to every new bride. Everything from large ivory ball gowns with horse hair tulle for the Country Club Bride, and from our trunk show light weight taupe lace gowns for the Boho Brides!


Blush by Hayley Paige is a great collection to look at for the bride who wants a modern, whimsical look! The horsehair accents on many of her gowns help the gown keeps it’s shape while looking modern and fun. Whether she is looking for a mermaid or a ball gown, long sleeves or strapless, this Blush by Hayley Paige collection will leave everyone breathless. 


Boho is a very popular theme in not only fashion right now but weddings too! Many brides are having very vintage weddings with lavish amounts of ivy, flowers, and wooded venues. We have many high fashion dresses for those brides who just want to live a little and fully express their theme in their dress. Claire Pettibone’s current collection has a very romantic bohemian feel which would be the perfect staple for any boho themed wedding.



Divine Atelier’s collection has the perfect romantic lace suited for any rustic themed wedding. Each individual dress has a certain quality best suited for a very feminine outdoor wedding.

Just remember, whatever the theme may be just have fun with it!