Bridal Shopping Tips : 3 “Types” of Shoppers

Ladies, we all know that the best part of planning a wedding is getting the opportunity to shop and explore all that the bridal market has to offer. Brides indulge in shopping for the perfect dress, the perfect venue, accessories, etc. What kind of shoppers are brides? We explore three “types” of shoppers and the traps that some brides fall into.

The Visionary


This bride is the shopper that’s had every wedding detail accounted for since the age of 5. She knows exactly what she wants, where she wants it, and what charge card to put it on. The problem with “The Visionary” is that the bride can be blinded by unrealistic ideas and in the end, may be disappointed that her fairytale won’t be exactly as envisioned.

Our tip: The fact that this type is so decisive should be applauded, but we urge that you keep an open mind and welcome suggestions.

The Neurotic


The wedding process can be overwhelming and nerve-wracking. However, some brides take it to the extreme and let their stress get in the way of the excitement of planning. The “Neurotic” type will panic at making a decision and worry that everything will not “be on time”.

Our tip: Don’t let the stress get to you! Do your research on respective retailers and instill trust in them. There will always be something that doesn’t go according to plan, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Your wedding will be exactly what you make of it, so release the negative emotions and leave some things to fate!

The Crowd Pleaser


The ”Crowd Pleaser” pulls at our heartstrings the most. She is the bride that gets lost in the influence of her bridal party. The bride wants to please everyone and welcomes all suggestions putting aside her vision to make others happy.

Our tip: Plan your wedding the way you want it. If you have a strong-willed bridal party, leave them at home when shopping until you have narrowed your retail selections to a few. Don’t get lost in people’s opinions! This is YOUR wedding, and you’ll never please everyone anyways. So live it up and make your vision come to life!

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Wedding Superstitions Turned Tradition

There are many wedding traditions that are practiced. We found that most of them started as superstitions to protect the bride from evil and have turned into beautiful traditions. We have pulled 6 that we have found most interesting and that we see often. Do you believe in these superstitions? If you have any of your own, please share!

Wearing a Veil 
This began in Rome to put the bride in disguise from evil spirits who were jealous of her happiness. With an array of veil styles, it has now become a very common staple in today’s weddings.

Untamed Petals Rebecca Veil can be found at Bella Bleu 

Rain, Rain, Rain
In Alanis Morissette’s song Ironic one of her most memorable lines is, “It’s like rain on your wedding day.” She paints this as a bad thing. In some cultures, it is viewed as something really great! It is viewed as a symbol of fertility and cleansing. Plus the rain makes for a great photo opt!


Seeing Each Other Before the Wedding
It is said that it is bad luck to see the bride before she walks down the aisle. This tradition actually started due to arranged marriages. Making sure the arranged bride and groom did not see each other beforehand was meant to prevent them from changing their minds. Today many brides and grooms meet up before to take pictures and have a moment alone before their big celebration!


Carrying the Bride
Medieval Europe believed that a bride was very vulnerable to evil spirits through the soles of her feet. To avoid attracting or bringing in any evil spirits, the groom was to carry the bride into their new home.


Breaking Glass
A wedding tradition is to smash a vase or glass to see how many pieces it breaks into. The number of pieces signify the number of happily married years.


Crying on the Big Day
It is said to be good luck for the bride to cry on her big day. This signifies that she has cried all of her tears and will not shed anymore in the marriage.


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Winter Wedded Bliss: Tracy + James

2014-02-22_001We had the pleasure of meeting Tracy a few months ago when she came in looking for accessories for her wedding day. After spending some time with the bride and her friends we just knew that her wedding was one that we would have to share with you! Photos courtesy of Jai Girard Photography.

Tracy had big ideas for her dream wedding to James. It would be a winter wonderland themed affair that was luxurious, modern, and classic all rolled into one. The couple used ice sculptures, white orchids and the Chicago city skyline as the main elements to achieve their desired luxe look.



St. Michael’s Church in Old Town was the setting for their wedding ceremony. The couple selected December 27, 2013 for their nuptials, they wanted the wedding between Christmas and New Year’s and knew the church would still be beautifully decorated from the holiday. Although the wedding was just days after Christmas, there was nothing “Christmas” about this wedding.


The reception was held at the Trump in Chicago, which gave the perfect backdrop of the Chicago city skyline.


The bride wore a Vera Wang ballgown accompanied by a bouquet of red roses while the bridesmaids wore black strapless ballgowns paired with bouquets of white roses. The contrast of color made a big statement.



Tracy also wore a Fabulous Furs white ruched faux fur wrap and muff from Bella Bleu along with the Ti Adoro Crystal Triple Drop Earrings. Her bridesmaids also wore Fabulous Furs black faux fur wraps.



Incredible ice sculptures were found throughout the wedding. One martini luge was shaped as the Chicago city skyline with martini’s being poured down the Willis Tower. Another sculpture featured white orchids frozen in huge blocks of ice.


Tables were decorated with white orchids and 3 different centerpieces incorporating candles, crystals, and feathers.



The Chicago city skyline was also found on the couples whopping 8 tier cake. Tracy loves cake so they had 4 different types. The grooms cake was a John Deer tractor with a Mizzou tiger driving and the groom, James, carrying a Redbull. James loves Mizzou football, graduating from Missouri, and works for Redbull.


The menu reflected everything Tracy loves about food. Lobster tails were put on ice while coconut shrimp appetizers were passed. The first course featured seared scallops (the brides favorite) with a sweet potato puree while the main entree was a tenderloin served with truffle potatoes and haricot vert.



Tracy and James chose the Becca Kaufman Orchestra to provide the music for their reception. The bride says “they were amazing”.


We are so happy Tracy and James allowed us to share their beautiful wedding day with you. Bella Bleu wants to wish the couple a lifetime full of love and happiness. Congratulations Tracy and James!



Wedding Planner: Rachel Bradley Events

Ceremony: St. Michael in Old Town

Reception: Trump Hotel Chicago

Photographer: Jai Girard

Videographer: R.E.M. Video and Photography

Cake: Cake

Groom’s Cake: Tipsy Cake

Band: Becca Kaufman Orchestra

Flowers: Richard Remaird Event Designs

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Workplace Romance

It makes sense that you would meet the love of your life at work…after all, it is where you spend the majority of your time. Here are some fun facts about finding love in the workplace. Did you find your significant other next to the water cooler?


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Circle Up

Chair set up is usually not one of the most important things on a bride’s mind. It’s usually just assumed chairs will be lined up by rows. We think a new seating arrangement should be put in place. Circular seating. Arranging chairs in a circle allows every seat in the house to be a great one! People are different sizes and that can effect what others can see while seated. If a short person is sitting behind a tall person during your wedding ceremony, chances are they cannot see and are getting uninterested and/or frustrated. Since we doubt you are having a height limit at your wedding why not try out circular seating?


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Dance the Night Away – Our Favorite First Dances

The trend for most creative first dance has gone viral on YouTube. Newlyweds compete to be crowned as most original and memorable dance. Here are our top 5 picks!

Father and Daughter Dance

We love that the father of the bride dedicated so much effort towards his daughter’s special dance! Wicked dance moves definitely run in this family!

Swinging Couple

This newlywed couple made us jealous of their incredible moves! Not only is their dance flawless but they look like they’re having a great time!

He’s Got Moves Like Jagger

Wait till you see the groom in this video! Our jaws dropped at how he stole the show!

The Classic Waltz

This couple is simply flying on the dance floor. The dance is timeless and classic.

Grease Lighting!

The entire wedding party got involved! Grease inspired dance moves – always a crowd-pleaser!

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Dresses Your Girls Will Adore

It’s not uncommon for bridesmaids to be a little bitter about the dress they have to wear on the bride’s big day. If you’re a worried bride, stop! We picked out a few styles your bridesmaids will adore! Long, short, sleeve-less or not, there is a way to leave your bridal party smiling with their best foot forward. What really gets your girls excited about their dress is knowing they have the ability to wear it again! Who wants to spend X amount of dollars on a dress they will wear once and then toss into their closet? No one! Choose a great color, a piece that can be worn either at a fancy event or a nice outing. There is no need to make the women standing up next to you be on the next episode of Joan River’s Fashion Police. There are so many great dresses to choose from, here are a few to get your wedding wheels turning!

short dress

long dress

Long Sleeves

casual dress

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Groom in Style

The eyes at the wedding are usually focused on the bride, but the man of the hour should be rocking some serious threads too! We explore the latest trends as well as some classics to ensure the groom arrives in style!

The Classic Tux

PicMonkey Collage

We’re swooning over this James Bond look. Simply put, this style is timeless. It’s definitely a contender if you are looking for a formal feel on your big day. Put on a fresh twist with an accent of color, or an unexpected bow-tie.

Checks & Stripes

PicMonkey Collage
This is far from conventional, and we love it! The look definitely screams hip and sophisticated, without falling into the trap of “trying too hard”. Perfect for a spring wedding!

The Casual Look

PicMonkey Collage

Rustic weddings are gaining popularity by the minute. The vintage vibe of this ensemble will definitely not fit everyone’s picture of a groom, but it does show a more fun and relaxed approach to your special day.

Mod Classic

PicMonkey Collage

Frank Sinatra has nothing on these good looking grooms! From the skinny tie, to the perfectly tailored Italian suit – it is a hip yet classic approach to the groom’s style.

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Beauty Basics

You’ve got the ring, said yes to the dress, and planned out all the rest. Looks like you’re all set, right? WRONG! You need to plan out your pre-wedding beauty regimen. After all, your beauty routine is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day look. Thankfully, our friends at POPSUGAR created this essential wedding beauty checklist. Save this image and refer to it while planning. Happy primping brides!


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To See or Not to See

It has been embedded into our brains that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before she walks down the aisle. Will it really tamper your marriage? We don’t think so! It actually may be beneficial for the groom to see his beauty before hand and here is why.


1. It calms nerves

A lot of people have expressed being very anxious and nervous before seeing each other. Seeing each other before the big walk down the aisle can calm the nerves ahead of time. Don’t worry, the experience does not lose its special feeling!


2. One on one time

After the ceremony there is the reception that is full of family, friends, dancing and picture taking. Enjoy a moment alone before you both become celebrities for the night!


3. Photos

Taking photos ahead of time ensures you get to your reception sooner- more time to enjoy the night and your guests! Also, you can utilize the extra time to find the perfect location to shoot some great images.


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