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Couture Accessories-Exhibit A

Couture: (noun) The design and manufacture of fashionable clothes and accessories to a client's specific requirements and measurements. These designs are considered the most prestigious and trendsetting level of fashion. Origin of couture: French, from Old French cousture sewing. First Known Use: 1908. Accessory: (noun) A thing that can be added to something else in order … Continue Reading ››

We are so Enchanted….New arrivals at Bella Bleu

Bella Bleu is thrilled to introduce the Enchanted Atelier collection. Enchanted Atelier is a couture accessories design atelier that specializes in designing the perfect accessories to complete a signature look. Enchanted Atelier has partnered with fashion notables over the past few seasons including Anne Bowen 2013, Maison Sophie Hallette for 2013, Daniel Storto for Spring/Summer 2012, Kitty … Continue Reading ››