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Spotlight on: La Gartier-Take 2; An Interview with Sarah

To be able to create something extremely sexy yet tasteful, you have to have to embody that; it has to come naturally. Sarah Dobson, founder and creator of La Gartier does, mixing her unique blend of sass and class into her garter belt designs.

Every bride wants something they can treasure forever, something that can make them feel uniquely feminine and special and that’s Sarah’s specialty. Her well-thought out hand-crafted designs are truly wearable pieces of art that the bride can chose to show off or keep hidden for a secret boost of feminine confidence on the big day.

Vendor Spotlight: La Gartier

It’s a sexy little secret, so why should it be so dull…and not sexy?

Like most elements of a wedding, the garter belt is matrimonial tradition deeply rooted in history. The idea of a garter can be traced to Shakespeare from the kings and queens we read about in history books. But just because the concept dates back to the 14th century, doesn’t mean it has to look medieval. That’s why Sarah Dobson, of La Gartier, decided to start a garter belt renaissance.