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Ways to Accessorize “The Look” On Your Wedding Day

Let’s be honest – every girl dreams of having fabulous accessories on her wedding day. Accessorizing “the look” on your big day can make you feel completely glam. From the moment you put on THE dress until you leave your reception, small accessories make a big impact. Below are some ideas we recommend to take … Continue Reading ››

Wacky Weddings

2013-10-16_016For most couples, it's important to be able to showcase their personalities on their wedding day. After all this day is all about the bride and the groom. Although, some find it difficult to showcase their individuality while remaining on their best behavior. Remember, … Continue Reading ››

Taking a Cue from Alison Victoria: Wedding DIYs

Interior Designer and soon-to-be-bride, Alison Victoria, is celebrating her engagement to Luke Harding this summer. Victoria was born and raised in Chicago, but she was living in Vegas when she met Luke...on! Since she already had plans to visit Chicago for a Cubs game, she told Harding to meet her at the concessions for … Continue Reading ››

Living Locally: How to Have a Green Chicago Wedding

"I feel more confident than ever that the power to save the planet rests with the individual consumer." - Denis Hayes 2013-02-09_0002 For those of you who haven't heard about about the whole Farm to Table craze, it's a dinner event where one (or more) chef uses all … Continue Reading ››

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Dates

Valentine's Day might have been a holiday created by Hallmark but that doesn't mean that the values and principles behind the holiday aren't something to take seriously. This is the one day that inspires you to remind the person that you are with that you truly do love them. Maybe you always forget to pick … Continue Reading ››