Taking a Cue from Alison Victoria: Wedding DIYs

Interior Designer and soon-to-be-bride, Alison Victoria, is celebrating her engagement to Luke Harding this summer. Victoria was born and raised in Chicago, but she was living in Vegas when she met Luke…on match.com! Since she already had plans to visit Chicago for a Cubs game, she told Harding to meet her at the concessions for a beer. The date was a home run and Victoria moved back to Chicago shortly after!


Victoria is an expert at DIY projects; she hosts HGTV’s interior design show,”Kitchen Crashers!” On the show, Victoria finds disastrous kitchens and remodels them into gorgeous, practical spaces. Victoria also runs her own Chicago interior design firm, Alison Victoria Interiors, and even has her own line of modern luxury furniture. At Victoria and Harding’s engagement party, the couple asked their friends to try a little DIY themselves. To celebrate her wedding proposal in France, Victoria told guests to create their best 1920 Parisian-inspired outfits.


In honor of Victoria’s creativeness, we decided to take a cue from the Kitchen Crasher and uncover a few fun bridal DIYs. There are a plethora of ways to save money on the little things so that you can splurge on bridal necessities: a dream dress and quality jewelry (of course!)



Save-the-dates are much more scrapbook worthy when you take time to personalize. This simple sign stands out when you put it beside the Times New Roman font typed on typical reminders. All you need are some stencils, paint, wood, nails and a hammer!

Flower Arrangements


Flower displays can get a little pricey. Use containers you have around the house to create arrangements yourself. Light bulbs and mason jars look downright glamorous when you get a little crafty!



Invitations always mean more when they are made with love. Show you care by fashioning your own bridal party invites. A folded doily makes an adorable, 3D wedding dress!



Outdoor weddings are beautiful but they can get warm. Keep your guests comfortable and make them a fan. Just cut out a pretty pattern on card-stock and fold it accordion style. Or  simply hot-glue a popsicle stick to programs!

Sangria Bar


The bar is always a hot-spot at the reception. Keep it classy and affordable by setting up a sangria bar! Guests will love choosing their own ingredients and the colorful fruit makes a pretty display.

Sprinkle in some of these homemade touches of love to give your friends and family a more intimate wedding experience. A bridal DIY is the perfect way to customize, save money, and show you care enough to make something spectacular.