50 Do’s & Don’ts of Wedding Planning

  1. Plan the day for you and your fiancé, no one else.
  2. Pamper yourself prior to your wedding day.
  3. Blow your budget on your wedding shoes  {and gown}.
  4. Spend a lot of time with your new husband at the reception. If your guests want to chat with you, they will find you.
  5. Mimosas are a wedding morning must have.
  6. Let your fiancé help with the planning but don’t push him to do anything he doesn’t want to do. Can we say pre-wedding fights? No thanks.
  7. Research, research, research.  Reviews are a wonderful thing.
  8. If you have great food and a stocked bar your wedding guests will be happy.
  9. Just say no to cheesy wedding music.
  10. Don’t let anyone dictate your wedding plans.
  11. It’s your day as a couple, design it to reflect your personalities.
  12. Don’t go crazy with your hair and makeup. This is your wedding day, not a celebrity red carpet event.
  13. I’ve never met a groomsman that wanted to wear hot pink.
  14. Accessories complete your wedding day look.
  15. Take full advantage of all of the amazing wedding blogs and websites out there.
  16. Don’t skip your hair and makeup trial.
  17. Brides always look better with a tan. A classy tan, not a Snooki tan.
  18. Seat the big drinkers near the bar at the reception.
  19. Seat the older crowd away from the loud music.
  20. Feed your vendors. How did you feel the last time you went 8 hours without eating?
  21. Don’t starve yourself before your wedding day. You’d rather look healthy than have your wedding guests thinking you should have eaten a few cheeseburgers that morning. Bones are never in style.
  22. Pick a first dance song that has a special meaning to both of you, not just one.
  23. Compromising with your fiancé throughout the planning process will do wonderful things for your relationship.
  24. Limos are classic but are usually very cramped … and hot. You don’t want to sweat off your beautiful making. Look into buses or a trolley for wedding day transportation.
  25. Address your thank you notes during the plane ride to your honeymoon and send them off once you arrive at your destination. Your guests will be amazed when they get them just a few days after the wedding.
  26. Discuss bridesmaid attire with your attendants before any decisions are made. These girls are your best friends, you want them to stay that way.
  27. Choose your ceremony and reception location with guests in mind. They don’t want to travel an hour and a half to the next destination unless of course you are providing free helicopter rides for all.
  28. Have a professional style your hair and apply your makeup on the morning of your wedding. You will be too nervous, excited, jittery, etc. to do it yourself.
  29. Send your invites out 6-8 weeks before the wedding day. Unless you are getting married on a holiday in which case you should send them out 12 weeks prior.
  30. Interview several vendors before making your final decisions.
  31. Make a “must take” list for your photographer.
  32. Create a important phone number list to include all wedding vendors that are a part of your day. This is crucial for any day of hiccups.
  33. A “do not play” list for your DJ or band is a must have.
  34. Not all of your guests eat meat, don’t forget the vegetarians!
  35. Be sure to eat something on your wedding day and drink plenty of water. A bride that faints at the altar is never a pretty picture.
  36. When walking down the aisle, be sure to look around and smile at your guests.
  37. Practice your first kiss and dance as a married couple several times.  Nothing like awkward moments caught on film.
  38. When registering for wedding gifts, be sure to select items of all price points.
  39. If you plan on having an outdoor ceremony or wedding day photos always have a backup plan in case of bad weather.
  40. Spanx do wonders for body shaping.
  41. Clean your engagement ring the night before your wedding.
  42. Your engagement ring should be placed on your right hand when walking down the aisle.
  43. Have your maid of honor attend your final dress fitting so she understands how to bustle your dress.
  44. One of your attendants should carry several safety pins for you just in case your bustle tears. Yes, this happens all of the time.
  45. Try and get a good nights sleep the night before your wedding.
  46. If you want to stay the night with your fiancé the night before your wedding, don’t let anyone talk you out of it.
  47. Ask your catering manager to pack a “to-go” box of food for you, you won’t get a lot of time to eat during the reception.
  48. Choose your wedding favors wisely. No one wants an ornament with your name on it.
  49. It’s your wedding day, make it unique.
  50. Water –proof mascara is a brilliant thing.

Oh and lastly, have fun and enjoy yourself to the fullest. No one will notice the little things that {may} go wrong on your wedding day, I promise.